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Start your business with the perfect preparation

Let us help you turn your startup dream into a reality!

The desire to successfully run your own business inspires many people. However, at the beginning, many questions arise. We can help you develop the best startup strategy for you. We explain which funding and grants are suitable for you and how to apply for them. We assist with business plan creation, accompany you to bank meetings when financing is needed, or provide training on startup-relevant knowledge to help you and your business start safely. We look forward to hearing from you and your startup idea!

We understand that navigating the German bureaucracy can be challenging for startups, and we are here to provide support and guidance every step of the way. Our goal is to help you achieve a successful launch while minimizing the stress and burden of starting a new business.

Let us guide you through the complexities of starting your own business in Germany. Contact us today and let's explore how we can help you develop your startup strategy, apply for funding and finance your venture with ease. We can't wait to hear about your unique business idea!

Our Highlights:

  • Expert know-how from over 5000 successful startup consultations
  • More than 97% of our founders were better prepared for their startup thanks to our services
  • Online, on-site, or hybrid support – we provide it the way you need it
  • AVGS coaching for founders available free of charge – we assist with the application process
  • Free funding check in the initial consultation with your coach
  • Coaching offered in various languages

Do you have any questions or need help with your startup?
Feel free to reach us at 0800 237 28 83, our services are free of charge.

StartEffekt | Smart Entrepreneurship

At Starteffekt, we're passionate about entrepreneurial ideas, visions, and startups. Our core competence is helping founders, developers, and startups establish new businesses, tap into new markets, commercialize significant ideas, or simply define "bigger" and "newer" opportunities.

With our expertise from over 5,000 successful startup launches and the insights and innovations that emerge from these projects, we offer a platform from which our founders and supported startups can benefit.

We work side-by-side with your startup team, sharing our know-how and helping to build your skills for an optimal and sustainable start to your business. We provide support in all aspects of starting up, from formulating strategies and developing business models, to refining your product portfolio and optimizing your pricing, to transforming an idea into reality. Our work directly influences your actions, product design, and pricing, resulting in success stories across a range of industries.

At Starteffekt, we have a success rate of over 97% in helping our founders achieve optimal self-employment. We also offer coaching services in English and many other languages. Let us help you benefit from our know-how in launching and growing your business.

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